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2006-03-10, Ride to “Glacier Girl”, Middlesboro, Kentucky

Russ, Linda, Wil, Al and Denis took a Friday ride to Middlesboro, Kentucky. The “Glacier Girl”, a Lockheed P-38 Lightning, was part of a flight of B-17s and P-38s that was forced to land on an ice field in Greenland during World War II after running out of fuel in bad weather on a trans-Atlantic trip. The crews were rescued and the planes were abandoned until the Glacier Girl was recovered from 268 feet below the ice surface fifty years later.

After being fully restored to a like-new condition, the Glacier Girl has been flown several times. You can get more information about the Glacier Girl at www.thelostsquadron.com and P-38s in general at p38assn.org.

Departure meeting in Weaverville
Russ, Denis, Al and Linda arrive to meet Wil at McDonalds in Weaverville. Linda and her trike somehow managed to evade Wil’s camera.

The group arrives in Middlesboro, KY
Wil, Linda, Al, Denis and Russ pose by their trusty steeds after arriving at the scenic Middlesboro airport.

The fully restored Glacier Girl
Linda checks out the informative displays around the Glacier Girl. No, that’s not a vintage Harley. It’s part of a fund-raising raffle.

A closer look at the P-38 engine
This closeup of the engine shows the attention paid to detail during the restoration.
Waco biplane
This Waco biplane was being serviced when we arrived at the airport.
A vintage jet
A vintage North American F-86 Sabre, the first swept-wing airplane in the U.S. fighter inventory.

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