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2005-03-17, Linda’s Completed Goldwing Trike Conversion
Hannigan Motorsports
Murray, Kentucky

Last month, Russ and Bev and Russ’s sister, Linda, delivered Linda’s Goldwing to Hannigan Motorsports in Murray, Kentucky to have it converted to a trike. Pictures from the delivery are here.

Today, they picked up her newly converted trike.

Linda’s new trike
Linda’s new trike. Linda hasn’t seen it yet; she is still doing the paperwork in the office.
Linda’s introduction
Linda finally gets to see her new trike. Her first words: "Oh, my gosh!"

How things work
Ruth Ann Hannigan shows Linda how things work on her new conversion.
More how things work
Linda tries out the new trunk assembly. Note the filler cap for the extra fuel tank just below the co-rider’s seat.

Fuel transfer instruction
Linda gets instruction on how to transfer fuel to the main tank while under way.
Bandit custom front-end
One last photo of the Suzuki Bandit conversion to a sidecar. The front fork and hub assembly were custom built to maintain steering integrity.

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