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2005-02-18, Linda’s Goldwing Trike Conversion
Hannigan Motorsports
Murray, Kentucky

Russ’s sister, Linda, is having her Goldwing converted to a trike. Russ tranported her Wing to Murray, Kentucky where Hannigan Motorsports will do the conversion. While this is not exactly an advertisement for Hannigan, Russ was impressed by the plant, the people, and the process.

The Voyager kit is removed
Linda’s Voyager kit is removed first thing after delivery. Bev and her tour guide supervise. Anyone need a previously-owned Voyager kit?
A completed BMW Trike
This just completed BMW trike is ready to be picked up.

GL-1800 ready for body assembly
A sliver GL-1800 is ready for body assembly. Every new component, except for the Ford rear-end assembly, is made by Hannigan.
A completed Gl-1800
By the time we were done looking around, the owner of this Wineberry GL-1800 had ridden away.

The first Hannigan Tri-Car
Hannigan’s Tri-Car combines the features of a trike and a sidecar in one machine. This is the first Tri-Car.
The first Hannigan Tri-Car, side view
A side view of the first Tri-Car. Seen from the other side, it looks just like a trike.

Fiberglass body creation
Each body part is molded in-house by Hannigan.
Trimming the fiberglass
Openings are cut from the molded fiberglass and sanded smooth.

Bodies ready for paint
These trike bodies are complete and ready for painting.
Hannigan’s new showroom
Hannigan’s new showroom is under construction.

Suzuki Bandit with sidecar
And in the showroom, this Suzuki Bandit has a sidecar!
Linda’s freshly-painted trike body
The paint dries on a section of Linda’s new trike body.

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