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2004-09-11, Blue Ridge Parkway, Brevard, Caesar’s Head

Hurricane Frances dumped a lot of rain on Western North Carolina this week. Some roads are still closed due to flooding and mudslides. We weren’t sure where today’s ride would take us, but we didn’t let that stop us.

After breakfast at Kostas Kitchen, we headed south from Asheville
on the Blue Ridge Parkway.

Phil noticed that Russ & Bev’s trailer wiring harness was hanging loose and dragging, so we stopped to fix it and do a little sightseeing.

Rest Stop on the Parkway
Rest stop on the Parkway

The parkway was closed a few miles south of the Pisgah Inn and US-276 was closed from there to Waynesville, so we turned toward Brevard.

As we made our approach into Brevard, Wil reported that he was getting low on ice cream. Dolly’s was closed, so we filled up at Love’s Ice Cream Shoppe on West Main Street.

After that break, we continued south on US-276 into South Carolina.

Parking at Caesar’s Head
Mark gets ready to dismount while Bev checks her hair.
Phil and Wil
Phil and Wil pack their gear.
Russ, Bev, Phil and Wil
Russ, Bev, Phil and Wil at the overlook. The picture’s a little overexposed, but you get the idea.

Mark, Cliff and Wil
Mark, Cliff and Wil. That’s a bright background!
Wil, Mark and Cliff at the overlook
Wil, Mark and Cliff atop the overlook.
The view from Caesar’s Head
Here’s the view of Table Rock and Pinnacle Mountains.

From Caesar’s Head, we continued south to SC-11 and then returned home on US-25 and I-26.

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