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2004-08-14, Natural Tunnel, Virginia

After meeting for breakfast at the Moose Cafe, the gang rode to Virginia's Natural Tunnel State Park near Gate City, TN.

The Gang at McDonalds
We stopped for a break at McDonalds on the way.

First New Recruit
There, we met a new GWRRA recruit...
Second New Recruit
...and his big brother.

Once we arrived, we began the long, perilous journey down to the tunnel, except for Steve and Rosa who walked. Steve mentioned something about the chairlift triggering some sort of overstress alarm.

Riding the Chairlift
It sure looks like a long way down!
Cliff on the Lift
Cliff on the Lift
Bears on the Chairs
We were met by some teddy bears on their way back up.

It's a long climb to the top
The view from the bottom. I'm glad we took the chairlift.

Another view of the cliffs
Another view of the cliffs.
The Natural Tunnel
The entrance to the tunnel. Yep, those are train tracks! About ten trains a day pass through the Natural Tunnel.
Lunch on the Boardwalk
We ate our picnic lunches on the boardwalk while we waited for the train,but none came by.

The Stream
We followed the stream down to another railroad tunnel...
Not-so-Natural Tunnel
...that didn't look quite so natural. I think it had a little help from jackhammers and dynamite.
The ride back up the chairlift
Finally, it was time to go back up the hill. That's Russ & Bev cuddling on the chairlift.

Back at the top, we toured the museum and gift shop, and then headed for home.

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