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2004-05-15, Chapter NC-I Maintenance Day and Pot Luck

Maintenance Day

Three Goldwings arrived, but only one was there for maintenance.
Dennis recently moved here from Connecticut.

Phil works on Dennis's GL1800 brakes
Phil works on Dennis's
GL1800 brakes.

Russ applies some elbow grease.
Russ buffs his front wheel.

Phil & Dennis finish up.
Phil & Dennis button up
the yellow stuff.

So, after finishing up, we rode for barbecue at the
Cajun Pig Restaurant in Chimney Rock Village.

Pot Luck

Assistant Chapter Directors Bill and Gail Roland sponsored
this pot luck with the red, white, and blue Memorial Day theme.

Teresa, whose picture I unfortunately didn't get, led the group
in a sponge toss game for prizes and Memorial Day facts.
Did you know, for example, that Memorial Day was officially
proclaimed on 5 May 1868? You can learn more about the history and
observance of Memorial day at these web sites and meny others.

The Memorial Day Site
The History Channel

Pot Luck dinner (1) Pot Luck dinner (2) Pot Luck dinner (3)
Everyone enjoyed the selection of fine foods.

Bill watches Gail attempt the sponge toss
Bill watches Gail try
the sponge toss.

Marcie and Monte
Marcie and Monte

Jim and Alice
Jim and Alice
"Yes, dear, you can be
right this time."

Rosa and Steve
Rosa and Steve

Cliff: "Yeah, that was me."

Melody: "It was Cliff, alright!"

Bev and Russ
Bev and Russ

Bob, Ellen, and Stella
Bob, Ellen, and Stella

Then, there was the musical balloon contest.
Who could make a balloon squeal for the longest time?
Whose balloon reigns supreme?

Bill plays the melody
Bill plays the melody.

Russ plays harmony
Russ joins in
with the harmony.

Wil wins by a squeek
Will wins by a squeek.

Balloon mayhem ensued after the winner was declared.

Balloon tossing

Balloon tossing

The party ain't over 'til the last balloon pops.

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